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Common Grapevine Insect Pests

In the table below, we list the common insect pests which may require insecticide application at certain points in the growing season. The buttons direct you to topic pages at Grapeseek, the Ohio State University Extension Service, and the Virgina Technological University.

Insect pests should be dealt with on an as-needed basis. Collateral damage (the killing of "friendlies") is best avoided by not spraying insecticide unnecessarily.

Where we have had the misfortune of first hand experience, we offer a page of comments, suggestions, and, in some cases, a brief forecast of what the balance of your growing season is likely to yield after identification and initial treatment.

Every serious grape grower should have a copy of Compendium of Grape Diseases. You may order a copy from Amazon by clicking on the book jacket image at the bottom of this page.

Hollowed buds at bud swell. Grape Flea Beetle GS OSU VTEC
Worm hole in berry with worm inside. Grape Berry Moth (Larva) GS OSU VTEC
Filigreed leaves usually in upper canopy. Japanese Beetles GS OSU VTEC

To order a copy of the Compendium of Grape Diseases, a must for any serious grower's bookshelf, click on the book jacket image.

Compendium of Grape Diseases

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