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We are a family business.

GrapeSeek was founded by Michel White, a passionate grape grower since he was 5 years old. It started around 1997 with websites created at and Freeservers, for a place to post links to good grape growing information, and then we purchased in January of 1999. On that website we answered basic grape growing questions. Here is how the site looked back then... - February 1999

What follows is a note we posted on our homepage back then and it still applies to what we are about today: "NOTE! Only the highest quality sites and information about grapes and wine will be allowed to list sites in this directory. It is common to waste hours searching the major search engines about grapes only to find hundreds of worthless sites with no original content before finding one good one. This will not be the case with this directory. If you find a grapes site which you do not agree is of the highest quality, please email me and I will promptly remove it! Grapes Forever! Thanks"

One day while searching for new grape growing information I stumbled upon a site by George Mead of Maryland, who owned a small home vineyard but had a terrible website. We grew into good friends, and decided to give him the website to post his small vineyard information on and we formed the Grapeseek,Inc. corporation with a plan to build the best search engine on the planet for grape growing information.

We purchased a copy of the Hyperseek search engine and launched in April, 1999. We grew into the best site for finding grape growing information and used our traffic to create a banner network which helped our members become more popular. Those sites included Martin Brown's, Sue Courtney's in New Zealand, Eric Orange's and a few others...

We also launched a grape growing group for each state and for many diffent countries at which was later purchased by Yahoo to become Yahoo Groups. Many of these groups are still doing well today, including the Grapesrus, GrowGrapes and Enologists Yahoo Groups.

Then disaster struck...we were about to launch an online venture to sell small quantities of vineyard supplies to small growers when George Mead suddenly passed away due to a heart attack. Devastated at losing my mentor and partner, I let the business fold and turned over the main Yahoo groups to other members.

Circumstances in 2010 led me to delve into the idea of starting up GrapeSeek again, especially because the bulk of grape growing information is still not accessible to the spiders most search engines use, and because we had our fourth child. Staying home to raise this newest addition to the family became the opportunity to also rebuild grapeseek, and after begging the right people, I was able to re-acquire the upgraded search engine and we were back in business. We now have three highly intelligent children to help with the management of the search engine, and a bit of help by my wife Isabel.

Our mission remains the same: To offer the best search results for people interested in grape growing and winemaking, and to provide a place which gets the user to his or her information without making them wait for advertisements, pop-ups, pop-behinds, and to provide an avenue where we can help promote the small vineyard or winery owner with very inexpensive and free advertising options.

We look forward to finding another partner, a good web designer and someone to help us with new databases to help us achieve our goals and to build some unique resources for growers not yet seen online.

Best regards and Cheers from the White family...Katja, Michel, Isabel, Tex, Talia and Haley

We can be contacted at 4063 Barr Cir, Tucker, Georgia 30084 Tel:(770) 696-1388 or by email at info @ We are also happy to Skype with you if you phone us in advance.
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