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Getting listed on our Top Rated page is as simple as finding your website in our directory and clicking the Rate It link, which is located next to each listing, or placing a Get Rated logo on your website. Participating in our Top 10 feature should guarantee you a few hundred to a few thousand hits per year. Linking to us gives you an automatically increased ranking with us. Sending us traffic from a return link gets your site listed in our directory and gives you a link on our static link partners page. Joining our AdNet banner exchange will get your website banner displayed on GrapeSeek, and if you read the information closely on our pages, such as our sponsors page, you'll find even more ways to increase your own website traffic.

We are happy to help promote any grape growing or wine industry website who links to us. Simply email us from our contact page to let us know. We're thrilled to hear from you!

Any success we have at GrapeSeek is success for all the websites in our directory. Cheers!

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