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Photo Usage Policy

Read this entire document before using our photos!

Photos may not be used on other photo, wallpaper, greeting card or postcard galleries.  They may not be used in any form of email, ezine or newsletter, etc...

If you are granted permission to post an image on a website, then the photo must be linked to http://www.grapepictures.grapeseek.org and must contain a readable text link adjacent to the photo.

Personal use of photos is allowed.  Below are some examples of personal use:

Download and viewing on your home or business computer for your own viewing.

Using photos as your personal screensaver or wallpaper.

Personal use does not mean use on your personal website.

Students and teachers may use these photos for reports and other projects.

Commercial Usage Policy:

For use of photos on websites and all for all other commercial use please contact us using our contact form

Please include the url of the page where the photo is located when making inquiries.


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