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The Ingles Spreader

The first time we visited the commercial table grape vineyard (forty varieties) of the late Everett Ingles, we saw something we had to have. It was a five foot piece of 1/2" exterior grade electrical conduit that Everett had bent on a homemade bending jig. It held multiple wires and his vine canopy up above the fruit zone and out of the way. At the same time, the canopy was not too tight which would have invited mildew. It was a much more open canopy than one piled onto a single top wire and tied back on itself.

We made a jig for a slightly smaller model than the one Everett was using (more appropriate for wine grapes) and have installed them on every post and on free standing 2" X 2" mid-section supports (see images below).

One other Maryland commercial grower is using this device. We think everyone who gives it a try will recognize its utility. For more detail on the bending jig and fabricating process, click here.


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