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Japanese Beetles

Watch them. They eat the foliage, not the fruit. Watch where they start eating. At the top. If you spray insecticide, just spray the top of the canopy with one elevated nozzle. Sevin 80WP or liquid is specific. Sevin 5% dust prepared for other plants will not do the deed.

If you use one nozzle, you are applying about 5 gallons of tank mixture per acre. At that rate, you can afford to go through the vineyard as often as you wish.

Don't start spraying when you see the first beetle. Wait until a significant adult population moves into the vineyard. In some growing seasons significant populations never show.

In a bad year, when they make lace doilies out of the top leaves, keep on spraying the top: Do not lower the nozzle. You will get most of them.

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