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Here is Webster's definition of Mycorrhiza:

"n, pl -zae\-ze\or -zas [NL, fr. myc- + Gk rhiza root] (1895): the symbiotic association of the mycelium of a fungus with roots of a seed plant.."

A noun described as a verb, with three plural spellings! Already you have to be fascinated with this dynamic substance. Here is one at Amazon which is ideal for planting cuttings with:

We are very excited about the application of Mycorrhiza to grapevines. We think that its use in the process of planting a grapevine may soon be considered just as routine and essential as digging a hole. However, since this is our first year of experience treating vines with one of the commercially available products, we have no first-hand information to pass along.

There is an ample amount of information on Mycorrhiza on-line, and the products are available on-line. Vendors provide substantive information as well as the on-line purchase facility. Here are a few links.

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U. Florida

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