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Organic Grape Growing

This section is intended for advocacy of organic grape growing based upon the Grape Grower's Notebook definition of the term. The GGN definition is broader than the issue of pesticide use and includes suggestions for vineyard planning and management practices which are dedicated to the success of the organic venture. As usual, your comments, suggestions and contributions are welcome.

The Grape Grower's Notebook defines the principal attributes of organic grape growing as follows.

1. Selection of sites which are superior for viticulture.
2. Selection of grape varieties which are disease resistant.
3. Superior trellis design and use of materials which approach neutral environmental impact.
4. Use of natural soil nutrients and friendly bacteria.
5. Practice of superior vineyard sanitation.
6. Control of the vineyard floor with little or no herbicide application.
7. Treatment of vine foliage and ripening fruit with little or no chemical sprays for fungal disease and/or harmful insects.
8. Management of canopy and fruit zone for disease control.

These definition components are covered in eight separate pages. In the several instances where these topics are supported by other pages in the GGN, internal links are provided.

Appropriate links to informative sites are provided on a separate page at the end of this section.

Site Selection
Variety Selections
Trellis Design and Materials
Soil Considerations
Vineyard Sanitation
Vineyard Floor Management
Pesticide Control
Canopy and Fruit Zone
Links for the Organic Grower

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