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Organic Trellis Support

Trellising of vines to be managed with the organic method should be based on a design adopted after reading the other seven pages in this section. Proper training of vines and a more-than-adequate trellis system to train them to is one of those do or die propositions for the organic grower. More detail on the factors that should govern your decisions on trellis design is provided in the page on Canopy and Fruit Zone Management.

The GGN recommends a 12 wire trellis which may be found on the home page. It's design is adequate for any vineyard venture we are aware of, but it is certainly not the only trellis design the organic grower should consider. For the grower of two or more acres of vines, we strongly recommend your reading Sunlight Into Wine by Richard Smart and Mike Robinson.

Organic growers have voiced opposition to the use of pressure treated (Wolmanized) vineyard posts.

If you want to use steel for trellis support, here is a link for a California based company. An east coast supplier may be Forbes Steel (PA), but we are having a difficult time determining whether they are still producing vineyard supports.

Jim's Supply, CA

If you want to use cedar or locust, email from our index page and we will put you in touch with a couple of growers who are known to have recently purchased these items.

Another alternative is concrete posts. These are in Italy. The filagree reduces the weight, saves concrete and facilitates anchoring of trellis wires.

concrete posts

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