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Sprayer Water Supply

Tank capacity of spraying equipment seldom matches vineyard requirements. One or more refills are usually necessary to complete the job. The amount of time necessary to fill a sprayer tank with a garden hose is excessive and wasted. Here is an idea for speeding up the process.

A vineyard owner we know built an elevated platform for seven 55 gallon plastic barrels. The barrels are plumbed into a 1.5 inch pvc supply line. Initially, these barrels were filled by pond water pumped through the supply line until over flowing. Now, rain water from his winery roof enters a sump and is pumped into a 400 gallon poly tank sitting on the ground and then into the barrels. The pond is a back up supply.

Using gravity feed, he fills his 100 gallon sprayer tank from the 1.5 inch barrel supply line in about 30 seconds. The barrels empty uniformly and provide more than enough water for his needs. During his sprayer fill-ups, there are no hoses to connect, no pumps to start and no threat of contamination of water supply from the sprayer tank.

The barrel platform mentioned above consists of three in-ground, used utility poles arranged in a triangle and tied together by what looked to be 4" X 12" beams reinforced with steel banding.

WARNING: Never place a hose attached to a water supply directly into a sprayer tank. In the event of supply pressure loss, contaminated water from the tank will immediately begin syphoning into your supply. Maintain an air gap between a supply hose and sprayer tank water.

Other ideas? Let us hear them.

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