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The message here is a simple one. It's your money, and if you want to feed nitrogen to these suckers and waste your fertilizer material and labor, ignore this page.

They are especially bothersome to those of us who grow grass in the vineyard aisles. If you want to get rid of them without killing the grass, use 2-4-D Amine prior to bud swell in the grassy areas. A shielded horizontal boom the width of your grass aisle will do a safe and effective job. Such a device may be made for a few dollars from PVC and clamp-on nozzle bodies. You may have to make boom spray applications for two years in a row. With some spot killing, subsequent boom applications may be made every two or three years.

Under the wire, Roundup may be used later in the season. Also, carry a small spray applicator of 2-4-D Amine in your vineyard kit for spot killing throughout the season.

2-4-D Amine causes damage to green grapevine shoots and flowers. The damage is limited to the contact area, and subsequent growth on a damaged shoot will be normal. In the case of flowers, it's bye bye for that season. That's why any application that might permit drift should not be made after bud swell. Spot killing is fine provided a low pressure hand-held nozzle is only a few inches from the weed.

Read the label for 2-4-D Amine. It causes permanent eye damage. Eye protection is essential. And wash your hands immediately if you get any of the material on them.

If you refrain from using herbicides and have a better idea, let us hear from you.

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