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Display our Top 10 image on your own site and let your visitors vote for it at GrapeSeek...
More traffic for your website!

When we first tried this at the original grapeseek, it brought 4493 visitors to the number one position within a year...we are growing much quicker than back then...give it a whirl, it's so easy yet so few take the time to do it. You can also use other images if you like from our images page

Copy the following code for your website. Make sure you use your own Id Number for it to work properly.
<a href="">
<img title="Please vote for our website at GrapeSeek.Org"
alt="Please vote for our website at GrapeSeek.Org" border="0" width="120" height="60" />

Feel free to modify the code

If you want us to host a different image for you, just email it to us and we'll place it in our /images directory. You might also just want to use a text link which simply reads "Vote for us at GrapeSeek". The following code would be sufficient:

<a href="">
Vote for us at GrapeSeek</a>

You can also send the link to your facebook friends and ask them to vote for your site at grapeseek...

...or put a "Vote for Us" link in the signature of your emails...

To find your Id Number:

You received your ID Number in our acceptance email when we listed your website, but if you lost it...or the dog ate that email...

Simply find your listing here at GrapeSeek by searching for and hover over the link. Your link is displayed as 1300221678 is the Id Number in this example.

If these instructions are too difficult or time consuming for you, simply email us and we'll send you the proper code.

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