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Retrieving Wire

If you own a trellis wire dispenser called a Spinning JennyTRADE MARK, you may also use it to retrieve wire. The adaptation to make the machine a retriever takes about five minutes and won't interfere when you want to go back to the dispenser function.

All you have to do to create your wire retriever is mount a tractor steering wheel spinner on one of the three adjustable wire holders. The wire holder is smaller than a steering wheel, so you will have to do a little shimming. Tie the end of the wire to be retrieved to one of the wire holders and crank away! Feed the wire with your free hand, but don't worry about tension. The roll will be good and tight. Tie the completed roll at least twice before you remove it from the wheel. The wire holders will be binding in their slots from the wire tension. Remove the wheel from its axle and tap out the wire supports.

Tip No. 2

The Spinning JennyTRADE MARK comes equipped for mounting on the ground. If you have a trailer hitch receiver on your truck or tractor, have your friendly welder make a mount to hold the machine at a more user-friendly height.

Our supplier is Orchard Valley Supply, Fawn Grove, PA.

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