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Wire Tension

Post pruning activity may include putting a little tension on trellis wires prior to tying down canes and cordons. The best device we have used for this task is the "Gripple"TRADE MARK, an ingenious little gizmo from Great Britain where they have been trying to grow grapes since 1066.

In fact, we are so pleased with the Gripple that we have retro fitted the entire vineyard.

The Gripple costs about one dollar. The bad news is that the tool (the "Grippler" if you have not already guessed) used for applying the Gripple costs about $80. If you have a small trellis with a few 50 foot wires, you can probably substitute two vicegrip pliers for the expensive tool. However, like most tools, expensive or not, the Grippler pays for itself in terms of time savings and reduced wear and tear on the user.

The Gripple may be installed anyplace in a trellis wire and serves to join (splice) two wires while providing tension at the same time.

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